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NBG Track to Undergo Repairs to Address Safety Deficiencies

23 March 2022

From Valerie Maigue , U.S. Naval Base Guam

NAVAL BASE GUAM (March 23, 2022) – The Charles King Fitness Center (CKFC) track on U.S. Naval Base Guam (NBG) is scheduled to undergo $1.1 million in repairs this summer to address safety issues.

NAVAL BASE GUAM (March 23, 2022) – The Charles King Fitness Center (CKFC) track on U.S. Naval Base Guam (NBG) is scheduled to undergo $1.1 million in repairs this summer to address safety issues.

“It was inspected by Installation Safety in December 2020 and the deficiency notice was issued in January 2021 as the track was deemed unsafe due to ‘numerous large bubbles’ on the running surface causing trip hazards,” said NBG Installation Safety Director William Hansel.

The deficiencies prompted the track’s closure in January 2021.The repair project is earmarked for $1.1 million as part of the installation’s sustainment funding for the third-quarter of Fiscal Year 2022.

“We are in an active contracting phase at this time and we anticipate breaking ground in August 2022,” said NBG Public Works Officer Cmdr. Nicholas Leinweber.
Leinweber cites an anticipated reopening of Spring 2023.
The Enterprise Safety Application Management System (ESAMS) deficiency notice, cited the following safety issues on the track:

  • Slip, trip, and fall hazard.

  • The lining of the track (is) uneven in different areas.

  • Some tears and holes that are exposed on the track.

Additionally, the deficiency notice recommended actions that the track be placed off limits and closed for utilization until repairs are completed.
ESAMS is a web based data management system utilized to manage all facets of the Navy’s safety and health programs. The system allows for NBG to track abatement progress, update hazards, and comply with Navy Occupational Safety and Health standards.
According to NBG MWR Fitness Director Raelene Tajalle, CFKC offers other exercise alternatives.

“While the track is currently closed for safety reasons, some options for avid runners or walkers include a scenic route on Sumey Cove Marina Circle near Clipper's Point, as well as San Luis Beach Road leading in-and-out of the beach,” Tajalle said.  
The Orote Point Airfield is also a safe alternative for runners and walkers. Itis permitted for use on the airstrip during daylight hours, as long as flight or training operations are not being conducted.
Additionally, CKFC offers an array of cardio equipment for active recovery including assault bikes, rowers, Ski-Ergs, Self-Powered Drive treadmills and more. 
The NBG Safety Office encourages all joggers and walkers to be safe while exercising outdoors with the following safety tips and policies:

  • Run during daylight hours, if possible.

  • After sunset, runners must wear reflective clothing or luminescent devices on the installation.

  • Stay on the sidewalk or shoulder of a road, if possible.

  • Run facing oncoming cars.

  • Always yield to vehicles at intersections.

  • Obey all traffic rules and signals.

  • Dress for the weather and stay hydrated.

  • Runners shall not wear headphones while jogging on the installation, unless on a running path or sidewalk.

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