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New Year, New Me: Charles King Fitness Center Offers an Array of Options to Meet Fitness Goals

27 February 2023

From Valerie Maigue , U.S. Naval Base Guam

NAVAL BASE GUAM (Feb. 27, 2023) – Staff and Certified Personal Trainers (CPTs) at the Charles King Fitness Center (CKFC) onboard U.S. Naval Base Guam are ready to help those who are interested in jumpstarting or improving their physical health and overall fitness.
NAVAL BASE GUAM (Feb. 27, 2023) – Staff and Certified Personal Trainers (CPTs) at the Charles King Fitness Center (CKFC) onboard U.S. Naval Base Guam are ready to help those who are interested in jumpstarting or improving their physical health and overall fitness.
Many individuals like to set New Year’s resolutions, often with the goal to start exercising more and becoming healthier. However, keeping up with life’s demands and busy schedules may push objectives to the wayside.
CKFC CPT Joshua Lujan said people may get discouraged or want to throw in the towel because they want to see instant results, but individuals should understand it takes time and consistency to form healthy habits.
“Take it slow, don’t just go straight into it and don’t think you’re going to get everything in a week, or month, or a day, it takes time and it takes a lot of consistency,” Lujan said. “Come in with a plan, be prepared, be consistent with your plan and look for progress not perfection.”
Mark Chargualaf, a CKFC CPT, stressed the importance of setting realistic goals that take into account current lifestyle.
“We have a variety of services that encompass different fitness levels, everyone is different,” Chargualaf said. “Some people prefer to work out in a group setting, some people prefer to work out on their own, so we have services tailored towards that and it’s just about finding what works for you that makes incorporating fitness into your lifestyle.”
CKFC patrons have a variety of group classes to choose from if they are interested in group workouts:
  • Yoga
  • Spin
  • TRX Training
  • Cycle Fusion
  • Zumba Strong
  • Kettlebands
  • Cardio and Strength
  • Tabata
  • High Intensity Interval Training
  • Navy Fitness Enhancement Program
  • Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling System (NOFFS)
  • NOFFS Aquatics
“We at Naval Base Guam have skilled and professional trainers that have experience to train all levels and offer different types of training,” said CKFC Fitness Director Raelene. “Our team is dedicated to ensuring we keep up with the latest research in fitness so that we can implement them into our programs, whether they are group fitness classes, sports-specific, performance based training, or specialty classes.”
Lujan explained that clients can only determine what works for them if they try.
“Look at our schedule, see what works for you – it’s just a matter of trying it out once and you’ll discover if you like it or you don’t,” Lujan said. “Our group trainers, are really, really fun and they change it up and do their best to make it different every time and cater to all levels of fitness. Especially if you are new, we want to promote safety and proper exercise techniques.”
For some, walking into a room with unfamiliar machines may be an intimidating setting. Charfauros explained that one of the initial goals with their Personal Trainer Program is ensuring their clients feel comfortable and acquainted with the space around them.
“We provide guidance and knowing your way around the gym, familiarization with our machines, and different exercises to build up that comfort and with being in a gym setting,” Charfauros said. “Once they get familiar, they build confidence and that confidence goes such a long way and it makes us feel good to see our clients learn new things and form consistency and habits.”
The cost of the CPT Program varies by the number of sessions:
  • One Session, $40
  • Three Sessions, $103
  • Six Sessions, $200
  • Eight Sessions, $262
  • 12 Sessions, $364
Active duty service members are offered a special rate of 15% off the regular cost.
CKFC CPTs also stressed that even if individuals are not their clients – that they are happy and willing to help those who need it.
“What we also try to promote as trainers is working directly with us and even you aren’t one of our clients - when you see us around, please don’t be afraid to ask us for assistance, that’s why we’re here,” Charfauros said.
Both Lujan and Charfauros emphasize that while starting a new fitness journey in the New Year, it should be a positive experience.
 “Our main goal is how can we incorporate fitness into your lifestyle, so that you can remain consistent, but so that it’s also enjoyable,” Charfauros said. “We don’t want fitness to feel like it’s a hassle, because some people do look at it that way. We want to help you take the steps and make little changes to integrate throughout the year and into your life.”
For more information on CKFC fitness programs, call (671) 339-2049 or visit CKFC, Bldg. 1980 Haputo Rd.
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